When we think of the classic American landscape, it would be hard to envision it without the automobile. Route 66, Easy Rider, the General Lee, Night Rider, stock cars, funny cars, drag racing, the thousands of miles of asphalt laid down, criss crossing the landscape in service of America’s infatuation with the automobile.  No other country has cars so immersed into its identity or its landscape. "Break Down" is a small collection of images I shot while staying in a converted bus outside Brattleboro, Vermont.  What struck me wasn’t just that they were cars sitting idly out of context, but that they were literally becoming part of the landscape. They rust, they decay; the metal crumbles, the rubber cracks, their colors and patterns fade.  For a while though, the form remains — enough to hold up its former elegance and dignity before it all crumbles and falls back into the landscape.