Waite's photographs explore the hidden narratives of objects and places. A mangled doll on the pavement; a man lighting a cigarette under the El; a fluorescent bulb elevated into the unrecognizable; the images point to an intrinsic order and symmetry that exists in all things, pulling us into the story of all that goes unnoticed. Waite, whose beginnings were as a painter and installation artist, has always used photography as a sort of sketchbook; however, in recent years the photographs have taken a co-role in his work. Waite studied fine art at SVA in New York City and lives and works in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.



. Observations in the Ordinary, Subjectively Objective, Detroit, MI | Upcoming 2019

·    Feature Shoot Exhibition at Root Galleries, Brooklyn, NY | December 2018

·    (No) Latency, Refraction Gallery, University of Wisconsin | October 2018

·    Indian Photography Festival, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India | September 2018

·    Ronald William Waite: Photography. American Mortals, Philadelphia, PA | Summer 2018

·    Feature Shoot Exhibition at Root Galleries, Brooklyn, NY | December 2017

. The Philadelphia Photo Society Salon, The Plastic Club, Philadelphia, PA | 2017

. Exposure 2017, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA | 2017

·    The Philadelphia Photo Society: 150 Years of Light, The Plastic Club, Philadelphia, PA | 2016

·    Philadelphia Photo Society, Dick Blick, Philadelphia, PA | 2016

·    The Portrait Reimagined, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA | 2016

·    Art for the Cash Poor, Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, PA | 2016

·    Trenton Ave Arts Festival, Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA | 2016

·    Ron Waite: Photographs,* Soup Kitchen Cafe, Philadelphia, PA | 2013

·    Open studio exhibition Globe Dye Works, Fall 2011

·    Ekphrasis: Photos and Text, Philadelphia, PA | Fall 2006

·    Open studio tour, Philadelphia, PA | fall 2006

·    Various Performances, 37th Street Theater, New York, NY | 1995-1998

·    July Program Faculty Exhibition, Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, Bennington, VT | 1997

·    Ba-Ha-Roo,* Martha Graham Auditorium, Bennington College, Bennington, VT | 1997

·    Field Project,* Bennington College, Bennington, VT | 1997

·    East Village Cultural Center, New York, NY | 1996

·    Hallway Project,* School of Visual Arts, New York, NY | 1995

·    Runner up, Brookdale Alumni Show, Brookdale College, Lincroft, NJ| 1993

·    Juried Competition, Red Bank Art Alliance, Red Bank, NJ | 1992


·    Lens Culture Feature: “Moving Portrait of a City: Under Philadelphia’s El Train” | March 2017

. Observations in the Ordinary: Subjectively Objective Publication based on the coming Exhibition | Upcoming 2019

. The Print Swap First Annual: A Feature Shoot Publication | Upcoming 2019

. Memoirs of a Cancer Researcher by Dr. Jose Russo : World Scientific Publication | 2019